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The Cross-Device Conundrum - by Melissa Parrish & Lizzie Komar



As people continue to turn to multiple devices from many physical locations, cross-device strategies evolve from a nice to have to an imperative. Perceived technical challenges are hindering progress, but marketers must explore cross-device strategies in spite of this in order to engage their increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers. This research will explain the pros and cons of deterministic and probabilistic targeting, what cross-device strategies can do for your marketing organization, and how to get started without the headaches that many marketers suffer.

By reading this report, you’ll learn:

  • The meanings and differences between “deterministic” and “probabilistic” data targeting.
  • How exploring cross-device strategies will eventually transform your entire company.
  • The questions to ask before you start to make sure your program is efficient, responsible, and aligned with your company’s principles.