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DMP Fundamentals: Writing an RFI That's Actually Useful - by Joanna O'Connell


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14 Pages of analysis and commentary.

AdExchanger Research's in-depth guide to writing an effective DMP RFI outlines the key technical and business factors marketers should probe in their RFI. This research will inform marketers how they should organize their thinking around DMP RFI development, provide some common gotchas to watch out for and lessons learned by marketer peers, and give real world questions to ask and examples to learn from. A range of marketers and DMP providers were interviewed for this research.

By reading this report, you’ll learn:

  • The key areas to probe, both technical and from a business and cultural standpoint, in an effective DMP RFI
  • What specific questions to ask within each section of the RFI (in table form)
  • What kinds of use cases to provide potential vendor partners and what to look for in DMP customer reference discussions