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Webinar OnDemand: Data Management Platform (DMP) Fundamentals


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The data management platform – a marketing technology platform that stores and processes data from myriad sources – has become an important tool in marketers’ ad tech tool box over the past few years. Though DMPs can help improve cross-channel targeting and activate untapped data, utilizing the technology’s full functionality requires a tremendous amount of legwork.

This on demand webinar explained the handful of hurdles across three phases of DMP adoption — requirements gathering, vendor selection and deployment — that marketers need to clear in order to make DMP investment worthwhile, and provide actionable solutions marketers should use within their organizations to maximize value from the DMP in the near term and lay the foundation for ongoing optimization of the investment over time. Hosted by Joanna O'Connell, Director of Research, and Elizabeth Komar, Associate Analyst, AdExchanger Research.

The three phases of DMP implementation were covered:

  • Phase one: Requirements gathering. During this phase, it’s critical to align the organization to support the DMP, set the goals that marketers want the DMP to accomplish, and devise a plan for the collection, management, and activation of data for the platform.
  • Phase two: Vendor selection. To address this phase, we'll examine difficulties around navigating the DMP marketplace and offers topline advice on how to think about selecting the right DMP for your organization.
  • Phase three: Deployment. Crucial to DMP success is to conduct a methodical roll without biting off too much data at once. Start small to avoid data deluge.