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The Programmatic Mobile Market Will Mature Through Native - by Lizzie Komar



Advertisers are under increased pressure to deliver ads that are relevant and useful to the viewer, and this pressure is more pronounced when it comes to mobile where advertising is often seen as intrusive and irrelevant. The rise of native mobile ads, with formats that match the context of the app in which they’re found, will help advertisers find value from the mobile channel; and with programmatic, ads can be targeted, customized, and measured. This report explores how marketers can buy mobile native programmatically today, and predicts how the mobile native marketplace will evolve in the next 12-15 months.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the combination of “mobile, native, and programmatic” means.
  • How to buy mobile native ads programmatically today.
  • Why the mobile native programmatic marketplace will evolve in a predictable fashion.